One thing every business needs to consider is its brand and how it protects this and how to avoid infringing third party trade marks. Check the UK database Firstly, check the UK trade mark database to ensure that there are no third party trademarks that might pose a problem.   The government has a easy to use, free database which you can access through this link.   You can register your trade mark to protect your brand The name of your product or service can be registered. The process can be done on line and may take a few weeks to come through. The link explains what can and can’t be registered.   Once you register your trademark You will be able to: – prove the exclusive right to use your brand name in a specific class of goods or services; and – protect against infringing a later filed trade mark.   It is important for you to register your brand name in each country where your company is active.   Logos Logos can also be protected by trademark and this is advisable under certain circumstances. Logos are also protected by copyright but it is important but you must make sure you own the IP in the logo which you may not if it was created by a third party without adequate wording in the associated contract.   Please get in touch if you would like any advice in relation to trade marks or copyright.
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