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If you have suffered financial loss as a result of negligent advice of inadequate advice from a professional adviser, then you may be entitled to claim for professional negligence.


When you receive advice from a professional you are entitled to expect the advice to be correct enabling you to rely on that advice for your own benefit. Professional advisers however do make mistakes from time to time and therefore insure against claims being made against them through professional indemnity insurance. Professional indemnity insurance enables clients to seek financial redress for any loss incurred as a result of their negligence.


Our professional negligence claims service is available throughout the UK and regularly deals with professional negligence disputes with other professionals, including:


Claims against Accountants

If your accountant or tax adviser has failed to exercise the appropriate level of skill and care of a reasonably competent accountant and has caused financial loss to you as a consequence, then you may be able to recover compensation as a result of your accountants negligence.


Claims against Architects

Where an architect has failed to provide an adequate, accurate and effective plan to your builders, their negligence can result in expensive remedial works, additional building costs or a reduction in the value of your property. In such cases you may be entitled to compensation as a result of your architects negligence.


Claims against Banks

The banking industry has paid £Billions in compensation payments in recent years as a result of mis-selling financial products and anticipates more claims coming forward as a consequence of interest rate swap litigation. An interest rate swap financial product is designed so that the bank has to reimburse the customer if a bank rate raises above a fixed figure, however if the rate falls below the fixed figure then the customer has to pay the bank an excess dependant upon the rates agreed. This is a complicated form of a derivitive payment scheme (or hedge fund).


If the product was not suitable for the customer, the customer failed to understand the risks or failed to understand the product and how it worked, then the product may have been mis-sold and you may be entitled to make a claim as a result of your banks negligence.


Claims against Barristers

Traditionally barristers would only take instructions from a solicitor on behalf of the solicitors' client and would represent their interests either as an advocate or by providing advice. Most barristers now accept instructions directly from the public through the Direct Access scheme and enables clients to bypass a solicitor.


This means that barristers are now directly responsible for any financial loss incurred by the client as a consequence of the advice given. To make a claim for compensation arising from a barristers negligence then contact JMP Solicitors to discuss your claim on a free initial consultation basis.


Claims against Conveyancing Solicitors

If a solicitor has failed to identify a defect in the title to your property, failed to identify an easement or has made an error in the drafting of a lease agreement, then you may be entitled to claim compensation for the financial loss to you. This may be a significant sum where the loss has resulted in a reduction in the property valuation. JMP Solicitors will be able to advise you on your claim for a conveyancing solicitors negligence.


Claims against Estate Agents

Estate agents can be considered to have been negligent where they have failed to give a reasonably accurate valuation of your property and has resulted in your property failing to sell or selling quickly and under the appropriate valuation at the point of sale.


Delays in producing property marketing material and other services that you have agreed to pay for (under the terms of instructing your agent) can also cause you to lose sales and where it can be proven that you have incurred a financial loss as a result of your estate agents negligence, then a claim may be commenced.


Claims against Financial Advisers

JMP Solicitors frequently acts on behalf of clients who have been mis-sold an investment which can range from the mis-selling of a mortgage to investment scams such as carbon credit, fine wines and other 'boiler room' investment fraud.


We are the preferred legal partner for a leading investment monitoring service and can raise a claim against the companies/directors defrauding you of your investment sum and/or the financial adviser acting on your behalf.


If you consider that you may be entitled to claim compensation for financial adviser negligence, then please contact JMP Solicitors to discuss your claim.


Claims against Insolvency Practitioners

An Insolvency Practitioner requires a detailed knowledge of the Insolvency Act 1986 and the Insolvency Rules 1986 and owes a duty of care whether acting in relation to personal insolvency issues to large corporate administrations and re-structuring.


Making a claim for insolvency practitioner negligence can be complex and may lead to financial losses leading to a claim for professional negligence.


Claims against Insurers / Insurance Brokers

Where an insurance broker fails to provide full disclosure of material facts about the insured to the insurer which later leads to the insurer with-holding payment on a policy as a consequence of the insurance brokers negligence, then you may be able to recover compensation for professional negligence.


Claims may arise against a broker where there has been evidence of underinsurance as a consequence of the broker's estimate.


Claims against Personal Injury Solicitors

There are a number of pitfalls for the personal injury solicitor in conducting an injury or medical negligence claim. Missing limitation dates and court deadline dates can result in a claim being struck out with a costs order against the client. Delaying the progression of the claim or failing to advise appropriately on the value of a claim may also result in a claim for professional negligence.


A new area of potential claim for professional negligence may follow as a result of solicitors contacting third party drivers where they have been involved in a road traffic accident with their insurer client. This mechanism of offering settlement of any injuries and damages is called 'third party capture' and often leads to an undersettlement of injuries sustained.


JMP Solicitors are highly experienced personal injury solicitors and provide a claim review service under their 'under valued claim' service.


Claims against Surveyors

Surveyors owe their clients a duty of care when they are commissioned to prepare a surveyors report on the condition of a property and should highlight any issues in relation to damp, dry rot, major structural faults and also issues where the property foundation may be under threat by japanese knotweed and other contributing factors.


To establish whether a surveyor has been negligent in their advice it is essential (where an admission is not forthcoming) to obtain an additional report from an independent surveyor whose report will be treated as an expert report.


To ascertain whether you may have a claim for negligence please contact your nearest JMP Solicitors office.


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