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By JMP Solicitors, Apr 24 2017 02:39PM

We have a monthly column in the Grantham Journal where we answer readers' questions. This mont h (April 2017), the focus is on a workplace - related topic.

Question : "I’m in my sixties and losing my hearing, for years, I worked in a factory which closed down many years ago."

Answer: Firstly, our hearing does get worse as we get older. However, if you worked in an environment in the past and were exposed to excessive noise, you could be suffering from noise induced hearing loss and be entitled to compensation from the insurance company of your former employer.

By JMP Solicitors, Mar 28 2017 09:11AM

Neil Remnant Head of Family Law at Grantham’s JMP Solicitors, has been re-appointed to the Resolution family law panel highlighting his in-depth knowledge and his client care skills.

Neil Remnant - re-appointed to Resolution Panel
Neil Remnant - re-appointed to Resolution Panel

The Resolution panel is designed to help people considering divorce or separation to find local lawyers who have the right skills and experience. The panel has an emphasis on finding solutions through negotiation rather than litigation.

By JMP Solicitors, Mar 13 2017 02:18PM

For many people who own their own business, the advances of computer systems and technology have made day to day operations run smoothly and efficiently. Everything is held on computer software these days from Client lists and employee information, to revenue details and performance forecasts.

The reliance on these systems is so high that many small to medium size enterprises are now aiming to go paperless entirely, saving money whilst using a more sophisticated way of storing all of the important information in one secure place.

By JMP Solicitors, Feb 4 2017 11:50PM

JMP Solicitors won a court ruling on Japanese Knotweed which could pave the way for home owners to get compensation from Network Rail, local authorities and other major landowners.

It follows a David and Goliath battle by two nextdoor neighbours who took on Network Rail - and won.

Samantha Towle, lawyer, JMP Solicitors acting for Stephen Williams, 43, of Maesteg applied for an injunction from Network Rail to treat the Japanese Knotweed on their land and sue for damages as the infestation caused interference with quiet enjoyment of his bungalow.

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