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Industrial Disease Claims

Grantham was once a key industrial heartland for the midlands - in fact our Grantham office was formerly the head office for Coles Cranes.


Our industrial disease specialist lawyers not only serve former Grantham factory workers but also represent clients throughout the UK in respect of injuries, illness and industrial disease conditions caused by prolonged exposure to the cause of the symptoms.


Many industrial disease conditions may gradually become worse as the individual becomes older and so may not have been apparent during the course of your employment. We can potentially still help you recover compensation many years after the initial cause.


We provide no win no fee claims services for accepted claims under this scheme and offer a free 30mins consultation without any obligation to proceed.


To start your enquiry please complete this online form or call our Grantham office on 01476 565295 to speak to a specialist industrial disease claims lawyer.




No-one should lose out if they suffer an injury from work if it was not their fault.


We help workers claim for the compensation they are due.

We have a monthly column in the Grantham Journal where we answer readers' questions.


Question: "I'm in my sixties and losing my hearing, for years I worked in a factory which closed down many years ago."


Answer: Firstly, our hearing does get worse as we get older. However, if you worked in an environment in the past and were exposed to excessive noise, you could be suffering from noise induced hearing loss and be entitled to compensation from the insurance company of your former employer.


You will need to arrange an appointment with your GP to arrange for an audiogram. Audiologists will be able to tell from the pattern of the audiogram wheter your deafness is a natural depreciation over time, or is damage that occured from being exposed to loud noise from amchinery at work.


If this is the case, please seek out immediate advice from a lawyer who will be able to investigate your case, traceback your employers and advise you if there is a viable claim. Most firm will consider action on a Conditional Fee Arrangement, or a "No Win, No Fee" basis.


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