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Graeme Champion


Direct Dial:

01476 565 295





Autumn Park Business Centre, Dysart Road, GRANTHAM

Graeme graduated from the University of the west of England with a degree in Law getting experience as a Law Costs Draughtsman in that city before returning to Grantham and a permanent position within our Civil Litigation department.


He is often the first point of contact with prospective clients and is adept at using his listening skills to get an understanding of the issues involved.


He has gained vital experience in dealing with difficult parties and knows how to get the best results from challenging situations.

He negotiates with opposing parties, creating and building on existing relationships with clients as well as drafting legal arguments to present to the Court.




Professional information

LLB ( Hons)




Areas of speciality


Commercial debt litigation


•Contractual disputes


•Highway trips and slips


•Accidents on the road