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Every year, small to medium business enterprises throughout the UK, are forced to write off amounts off that they are owed due to unreliable debtors being able to pay their outstanding bills; these are known as Commercial Debts.  A 2015 study showed that the average ‘bad debt’ figure that was being pursued by small to medium sized enterprises was almost £5000.00. Does your business’ cash flow forecast take into account these potential outstanding debts?


Helping you to bridge the gap


JMP Solicitors are experts in pursuing commercial debts, whether it be a simple Letter Before Action or the commencement of Court Proceedings, we have it covered. If Court action is necessary, JMP Solicitors will strive to enter a successful County Court Judgement against your debtor and recover the money you are owed.


Enforcement expertise


There are many ways in which a judgement for outstanding debts can be enforced, including;


•An Order to Obtain Information - a tool to gather information on your debtors current financial situation, to see whether they can or can not pay the money they owe to you.

•A Warrant of Execution - Giving an order for Court Bailiffs to retrieve possessions if necessary.

•Attachment of Earnings - Forcing the Debtor , if they are an individual, to pay a sum out of their monthly earnings towards the outstanding debt - much like a tax deduction.

•Third Party Debt Order - If the debtor has capital  sitting in a third party bank account, an application can be made to have the debts paid from these funds.

•Charging Order - An order can be made to allow the Creditor possession over a portion of the Debtors property. Should it be necessary, an application can then be made to force the sale of this property, to cover the outstanding debt.


But isn’t it going to cost me more in legal fees to recover this money?


Not Necessarily! As experienced litigators we can offer a ‘No Win, No Fee’ service for Commercial Debt recovery, subject to a review of the relevant documents and information.


What do I need to do now?


If you have debts of over £1,500.00, we can review any agreements, contracts and correspondence in place with the debtor and assess whether or not we feel there are sufficient prospects of recovering your money for you.


Commercial debt recovery for businesses

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