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The Court of Protection has the power and responsibility of appointing a Deputy to manage the affairs of someone who has lost capacity where they have not planned ahead by making provision through a Lasting Power of Attorney (or Enduring Power of Attorney if made prior to 1st October 2007).


Both Yvonne Carratt and Neil Remnant at JMP Solicitors are able to look after the affairs of their clients through the appointment as a Deputy for Property and Affairs and/or Health and Welfare.


A Deputy of the Court of Protection has to be appointed by a Judge and they will appoint a person who they consider is the most appropriate person to act in the best interest of the individual.


To discuss the process involved in appointing a deputy of the court of protection contact us on 01476 565 295 and speak to either Yvonne Carratt or Neil Remnant. Both will be happy to talk to you on a free initial call with no obligation to proceed.

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