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By JMP Solicitors, Jun 9 2017 02:56PM

Grantham firm JMP Solicitors are pleased to announce the appointment of Donna Macfarlaine to their conveyancing team.

Donna Macfarlaine
Donna Macfarlaine

Practising solicitor, Donna has worked in her own practice and larger firms for over 20 years. She will specialise in residential property transactions for clients all over Lincolnshire and the bordering counties. Donna commented, “The opportunity to join JMP Solicitors came at the right time in my career and I am looking forward to working with the team, estate agents, lenders and clients in the area.”

She joins at a particularly exciting time. Ian Howard, Managing Director commented: “Donna’s experience and knowledge of the property market is a perfect fit for us and comes at a time when we have recently been re-awarded the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme accreditation.”

JMP Solicitors has its head office in Grantham has had continuous growth since it was founded in 2000. The firm represents clients from all over England and Wales.

By JMP Solicitors, Jun 2 2017 03:53PM

Williams v Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd

The Williams case was successful at trial and is already considered a landmark case. Network Rail appealed and the High Court accepted that it was important enough to justify leapfrogging it straight to the Court of Appeal. It will be heard at some point probably within the next year (2017) and is likely to be the landmark case on Japanese Knotweed for a generation.

Japanese Knotweed growing at the side of house in Maesteg
Japanese Knotweed growing at the side of house in Maesteg

Other cases

We acted for people in many large cases against all sorts of defendants. We recently acted for a client against a local council who the court accepted did not have a reasonable treatment plan.

Later in the year (2017), we are acting in a large case against the Environment Agency which is the body that wrote the main code of practice for knotweed and is likely to be another landmark case.

We are also acting in many other potentially landmark cases against surveyors who have failed to notice knotweed and also people who have sold their houses without disclosing that there is knotweed present. Every seller is required to say whether they know if there is knotweed present when they sell their house so the court’s decision on what is required of a seller may affect thousands of people up and down the country.

Busy times.

By JMP Solicitors, May 25 2017 03:13PM

The engineering sector is one where creativity meets practicality. As such, there may be an abundance of “Intellectual Property” created that may be protectable. Perhaps patents are most associated with engineering, and rightly so - patents offer protection for “inventive” solutions to technical problems. It is important to recognise though that other forms of IP may also be relevant. Prototypes, models or design drawings may give rise to associated “design rights” offering protection against copying. Certain designs may be protected by registration to give a stronger, monopoly, right.

Kevin Hanson, Patent Attorney and Solicitor at Stratagem IPR
Kevin Hanson, Patent Attorney and Solicitor at Stratagem IPR

With an array of potential rights available, it is worth developing an effective filing strategy for achieving the strongest protection.

Patents - for all “inventions” there is a process of development from conception to production, and patent applications should be filed in this window. A patent must have ‘novelty’ - with no disclosure to the public prior to filing, so waiting to file until the product is on the shelves is too late. However, the filed description must also be ‘sufficient’, providing enough information for a skilled person to put the invention into practice. Filing before the solution is technically realised may therefore be jumping the gun. The optimal time to file is usually at the prototype stage. This ensures that the invention can be put into practice in at least one form, and before the product is shown to the public.

By JMP Solicitors, May 25 2017 12:00PM

JMP Solicitors won a court ruling on Japanese Knotweed which could pave the way for home owners to get compensation from Network Rail, local authorities and other major landowners.

It follows a David and Goliath battle by two nextdoor neighbours who took on Network Rail - and won.

Samantha Towle, lawyer, JMP Solicitors acting for Stephen Williams, 43, of Maesteg applied for an injunction from Network Rail to treat the Japanese Knotweed on their land and sue for damages as the infestation caused interference with quiet enjoyment of his bungalow.

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